So glad you’re here! I’ve been working with the super-talented folks at Prime Visibility since late last year to bring to life my vision for a website that conveniently houses all my blogs underone pretty roof. (It’s got a very “Andrea”look to it, doncha think?) It was not unlike designing and building a house (“Please make the pantry a little bigger”…”Let’s lose the brick around the fireplace”…”Can we please change the shade of pink on the walls?”).Mad props to my web team for their patience and diligence in accommodating all my nutty tweaks, requests, and revisions over these last few months!

Anyway, on this new site, you’ll find all the groovy stuff you remember from my previous sites, plus some cool new features and functions.A quick tour:

Gracious Breeding Blog: This is where I rant, quip, gush, confess, preach, explore, ponder, and speculate about all kinds of stuff that affects me, my family, and raising kids. I’ve moved many of the posts I wrote over the past four years from my Domestic Bloggess blog to this section.

Glorious Eating Blog: At last, we’ll be back up and running with our family food blog! All the previous food blog posts are here, and for your convenience we’ve developed a nifty “visual recipe index” in the right column where you can scroll through thumbnails of my food photos and click to go directly to that blog page.

Gratitude Friday: Short weekly entries listing big and small things I’m thankful for during the previous week. (I’ve been doing this on Facebook since the beginning of the year.) I hope you’ll join me by posting comments about some of the thingsyou’re thankful for.

Date Night: I truly think it’s important for couples to remember why they dig each other, and part of that is making Date Night a fairly regular priority. In our periodic video blogs, Dave and I will be doing what we do best: talking over each other (hopefullyin an amusing way!) about some of our own dates. Check out our video teaser for the vlog:

Ask Andrea: I’m happy to offer solutions to reader-submitted questions about family issues, parenting, running a household, and related topics.

Press: Links to some media interviews I’ve done, as well as a small selection of online articles I’ve either bylined or been featured in.

Letters From Home Book Trailer Video: Take a peek at the column on the right, and you’ll see our professionally produced video, “Secrets of the Last Functional Family in America.”

About Me: Standard biographical and professional info, plus a few wacky facts about me that even my kids didn’t know!

I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring the new site. I’m still refining things here and there (we’re still developing the rating system for the food blog that we had on the old site, and eventually there’ll be food thumbnails on the Homepage), so you’ll notice little changes as we get everything just the way I’ve envisioned it.Let me know whatcha think, and please come back often!

2 Responses to “Welcome to My New Home on the Web”

  1. Ria Pomeranz says:

    Love the new website!!! Congrats!

  2. Kristina says:

    Between raising four children of my own, teaching high school, and being a newlywed (!!!), one of my favorite “down time” activities is to read your posts, blogs, etc.. They almost always make me laugh out loud, or wax a bit sentimental, or think more carefully about something. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us! 🙂 So excited about your new book and this website as I can onlky imagine you are – I wish you much joy and continued success!

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