About the only thing more fun than spelling tzatziki is eating it!

This bright, fresh Greek dip is a cool complement to grilled lamb, and with the wide availability of strained yogurt (like Fage), it’s a cinch to make. Time was, you’d have to wrap up the plain yogurt in cheesecloth and let it drain over a bowl for a few hours to get all the liquid out, or you’d wind up with a thin, watery dip. Nowadays, the only thing you have to drain is the grated cucumber. And I mean you really need to have the time and patience to let it drain.

Check this out:

This is what’s left of two long English cucumbers that were grated, salted, left to drain for an hour and then pressed to expel the rest of the liquid. Look again at the creamy dip in the bowl at the top of the page, and then imagine what it would be like if a whole cup-and-a-quarter of cucumber juice was added…yuck!

There’s just enough minced garlic and dill in this tzatziki to balance the tangy yogurt/sour cream base, and when you let it sit for a few hours, the savory flavors subtly infuse the dip. Not only is it delicious with grilled lamb, but it’s also great on a cruditè platter and with grilled fish.

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