Looking for some great recipes for your summer tomato bounty? Here are five of our favorites from over the years:

1. Barefoot Contessa Provencal Tomatoes: An unfortunate tomato incident resulted in our discovery of this low-effort/high-reward treat.

2. Barefoot Contessa Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup: The only disappointment with this easy, divine soup was that there weren’t any leftovers!

3. Barefoot Contessa Tomato & Goat Cheese Tarts: My very favorite lunch. Tomatoes and goat cheese are heavenly together, especially when they’re having a love affair atop a crunchy puff pastry crust.

4. Corn & Tomato Salad: Nothing easier, and people will beg you for the recipe wherever you bring it…as if it’s a magical, complicated secret.

5. Creamy Gazpacho: Nope, no cream in this blender soup, just a lot of fresh garden goodness. But be warned: it’s highly addictive!

I’d love to know if you try any of these…and please leave a comment about which one sounds most delicious.


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