The High Holidays are soon upon us, when Jews around the world will welcome the New Year 5773. If you’re cooking dinner for Rosh Hashanah or whipping up something to break the fast on Yom Kippur, I’ve got a few ideas to share.

Rosh Hashanah

Barefoot Contessa Matzo Balls: Want to know my three secrets for light, tender, tasty matzo balls? Check out this recipe and dazzle your guests with delightful matzo balls that are easy to make and will please a crowd.


Barefoot Contessa Brisket: I’m not a brisket fan, but if you are, I hear this recipe gets rave reviews. It’s got a flavorful tomato juice-based sauce, and the brisket cooks with carrots, celery and onions which soften and eventually thicken the sauce.


Oven-Crisped Chicken with Maple Vinegar Glaze: While not a traditional holiday chicken recipe, this is a scrumptious choice for holiday dinner. The crunchy, meaty chicken gets tang from vinegar and dried cranberries, sweetness from maple syrup, warm spice from nutmeg and nuttiness from toasted almonds. This is a charming autumn-winter recipe, and a family favorite.

Yom Kippur

Noodle Kugel: There’s nothing more comforting to dig into after a long day of fasting than this warm, creamy, sweet noodle pudding. No raisins, no pineapple, no cottage cheese — just smooth, luscious custard enveloping egg noodles, and a crunchy, cinammon-y topping. Our legendary family recipe is the perfect complement to bagels and lox.


Barefoot Contessa Sour Cream Coffee Cake: A lovely last bite for a break-the-fast meal. Moist, buttery cake with nutty streusel running throughout, and a light maple glaze. It’s like the homemade version of a Drake’s Cake, and it’s just right with a cup of coffee or tea.



Wishing all who celebrate a joyous and healthy New Year!


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