L'shana tova, y'all! With the Jewish New Year just a few days away and kitchens around the world starting to have that nostalgic Jewish holiday food aroma, I thought I'd revisit of some of the Barefoot Contessa Jewish food recipes I've written about over the years. As devoted readers know, I'm not typically a fan of most Jewish food, but I'm always willing to give Barefoot Contessa Jewish food recipes a shot. And…well…let's just say I confirmed that if ya don't like brisket, ya don't like brisket no matter whose recipe it is!

1. Barefoot Contessa Matzo Balls: No one can resist a Schweddy Ball…or these matzo balls.

2. Perfect Roast Chicken: Who doesn't like crackly, golden skin and velvety, savory meat?

3. Brisket with Carrots & Onions: If you love brisket like I love brisket…

4. Noodle Kugel: No offense, but my treasured family recipe would take the trophy over the Barefoot Contessa variety in a Kugel Smackdown.

5. Potato Latkes: Potatoes. Oil. Salt. Doesn't that cover all the important food groups?

To those who will be ringing in 5772 this week, may you and your family enjoy a new year filled with good health, joy, peace and prosperity. So nu? What are you looking forward to most on the Rosh Hashanah table?

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