Always wanted to see The Eagles and finally crossed it off my bucket list Saturday night at Madison Square Garden! We went all-out in honor of our 20th anniversary which was earlier this fall, and splurged on a cool package that included fifth-row center seats. And let me just tell you that these guys, who are 65 and 66 years old, are every bit as incredible as they were when their music was on vinyl. They did a phenomenal three-hour show to a packed house (see the setlist). Just a real-life bunch of insanely talented musicians, playing and singing timeless music they wrote more than 30, 35, 40 years ago.

And excuse me, but Joe Walsh is a freaking MADMAN!

Thought I’d share a little Eagles love…I managed to get some cool video from where we were sitting. (For the best view, click the full-screen icon on the bottom right of each video next to the YouTube logo.)

First up: The first verse and chorus of “Hotel California” (and you should know that the—ahem—”warm smell of colitas” was literally rising up through the air from row 2 just in front of us during this song).

Next, it’s “Life’s Been Good” in its entirety. And you get to meet Drunkie McTrashed-Off-Her-Butt who stood and screamed and pointed in front of us all evening.

Finally, Joe Walsh in all his glory on “Rocky Mountain Way.” Ridiculous.

And here they are: Bernie Leadon, Timothy B. Schmit, Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Joe Walsh. Ladies and gentlemen, The Eagles.



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