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Quick Salt Pickles

These are the delicious accompaniment I mentioned for those spicy Korean wings. I swear, if you can make ice cubes, you can make these. And if I write any more, it will take you longer to read this than to pickle these veggies!

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Barefoot Contessa Tzaziki

About the only thing more fun than spelling tzatziki is eating it!

This bright, fresh Greek dip is a cool complement to grilled lamb, and with the wide availability of strained yogurt (like Fage), it’s a cinch to make. Time was, you’d have to wrap up the plain yogurt in cheesecloth and let it drain over a bowl for a few hours to get all the liquid out, or you’d wind up with a thin, watery dip. Nowadays, the only thing you have to drain is the grated cucumber. And I mean you really need to have the time and patience to let it drain.

Check this out:

This is what’s left…