Growing up with a dad who makes legendary Bloodys, this was going to have to be some Bloody Mary to even hold a candle. And happily, it did!

Ina’s got you puréing celery and grating an onion to add texture, body and complexity to the base, and there’s lots of lemon, too. I even used the Sacramento tomato juice she calls for rather than V8 (the gold can of juice always reminds me of the bar at my Dad’s beach house), and I must say it makes a much fresher tasting, less salty cocktail. I love to keep a pitcher of homemade Bloody Mary mix in the fridge and add vodka when I’m ready to drink, and that’s what I did with this instead of adding the two cups of vodka right into the pitcher. I poured off some Virgin Marys for the kids and then added vodka to Dave’s and mine (we even had a little battle of the vodkasI thought the Gray Goose rocked while Dave liked the Reyka, although I’m dying to try it again with the Snow Queen when the bottle we ordered comes in on Thursday!).

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