Happy Jar

Resolved to start 2016 on a happier path? Here’s a fun and easy way: make yourself a Happy Jar!

A Happy Jar is a place you and your family can collect reminders of happy moments throughout the year. Include whatever strikes your fancy—cool things you’ve done or seen, interesting places you’ve gone, fascinating people you’ve met, memorable meals you’ve enjoyed, feats or goals you’ve accomplished, milestones you’ve achieved—you get it. You simply write down your happy moment on a little slip of paper, put it in the jar and that’s all there is to it. Then at the end of the year— or whenever you need a little dose of cheer—you can read the slips and savor some happy memories.

It’s super-easy to make a Happy Jar. Use any jar you have handy and decorate it if you like. The key is to put it somewhere visible and accessible so it encourages lots of happy sharing. While I keep my own personal Happy Jar online, we have a family jar on a chest in our kitchen, and it’s been popular from day one. I keep some pens and paper slips next to the jar so it’s easy to share happy thoughts quickly and often. It’s actually so intriguing that friends and visitors have even added happy moments to our jar!

Still not convinced? Here are 9 terrific reasons to make a Happy Jar:

1. It reminds you to focus on happy, positive stuff—and focusing on happy, positive stuff lifts your spirits.

2. It’s something that all family members can do. Even little ones can draw a picture of something that makes them happy.

3. It’s a great way to count and remember your blessings.

4. It elevates the small things that brighten your day.

5. It reinforces gratitude—and an attitude of gratitude can increase happiness levels by 25%!

6. It gives you a place to share and savor joy by yourself or with your family.

7. It’s a great mood booster! It brings a smile to reach in and read random happi- ness slips, especially when you’re feeling down.

8. It reminds you of what makes you and your family members happy.

9. It’s 100% fun, no stress, totally optional, quick—and who can resist a big jar of sweetness that has zero calories?

So what are you waiting for? Get yours going today!

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  1. Tina Wilson says:

    I love the idea. I will start tomorrow. I hope I have it filled to the top in a yr

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