A few very cool things have happened as a result of this Barefoot blog:

• I’ve gotten to spend some time in the kitchen teaching each of my boys a bit about cooking

• I’ve gotten more disciplined about planning meals in advance so dinner isn’t always a last-minute nightmare

• I’ve gotten to write every day!

• I’ve gotten to work on improving my pitiful photography skills

• I’ve gotten a HUGE compliment from Eli Zabar, who tasted my brownies and proclaimed them even better than Ina’s originals (he said it had to be the chocolate, and he was actually going to bring one to his pal Ina, but he couldn’t restrain himself from eating both!)

• I’ve realized that I have some fairly heinous dishware

…and perhaps the most gratifying and endearing result:

• I’ve been told over and over by readers I didn’t even know I had that our little blog has inspired them to cook more…or get back to cooking…or cook something different. I can’t possibly express how ecstatic and humbled that makes me feel!

We started this as a fun family project, and we’ve continued because the fun hasn’t evaporated. Even thought the boys are busier now with school, they’re still clamoring to get some kitchen time, and they love selecting, evaluating and reviewing the dishes we make together. We may not have an entry every single day now that our schedule is more rigorous, but we love doing this project, and we adore the comments we get from readers and knowing that we have made a few people smile.

Which is all a very longwinded way to get to Parmesan Chicken! Part of my wishful thinking with this project was that my boys would learn enough to eventually do a dish without my supervision (while I’d be lounging on a chaise eating bon-bons…HA!). Well, I am pleased to present to you that very first dish (minus that whole chaise lounge/bon-bon fantasy).

Zack took charge of this from the shopping right through final plating, and it was a resounding success! David was in the kitchen with Chef Zack, but anyone who knows David’s after-five routine knows that he was sipping a Tanqueray and tonic, sorting through the mail and tending to his Blackberry rather than doing any major part of the cooking. Zack even had “club thumb” from the breading to prove his hard work. The chicken was perfect ““ breaded and pan-fried, then topped with baby greens dressed with a lemon vinaigrette (of which Zack proudly noted, “It was my first vinaigrette and I think it came out pretty good!”). Tangy, salty, crispy, moist…and this handsome chef even thought to make a simple side of capellini to complete the meal. Way to go!

So as you can see, we can’t stop now. We’ll keep on a’cookin’…hope you’ll keep reading!

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