TorrisiTorrisi Italian Specialties

Italian | NoLiTa

250 Mulberry St (bet Prince & Spring)


Notes: Quaint, cozy space serving delectable Italian-inspired dishes with innovative, playful twists. The standard menu format is a 4-course prix fixe, but it you’re up for a feast, try to score a reservation for the 20-course tasting. We were flexible in our dates, so we were able to book the 20-course meal. The service was fun and knowledgeable, they had a great playlist going (a little Stevie Wonder, some Bill Withers, something by Slave and “Juicy Fruit” by Mtume, which instantly transported me back to my teenage summers at a roller skating rink) and we were tantalized by the variety and creativity of dish after dish. Some of the standouts included the buckwheat caviar knish, cashew chicken, Dungeness crab cocktail, grilled arancini (grilled…mmm!!!), Delmonico steak tartare and, believe it or not, the lemon-ginger Italian ice served as a palate cleanser.