Sushi | West Village

61 W 8th Street


Notes: Love at first bite! Cuddled into the two seats at the far end of the bar, and we were in for an amazing experience. The omakase includes knockout hot dishes like “Grilled Scallop with Uni, Garlic Soy Butter and Lime” and delicate, crispy tempura, as well as stellar sushi that featured melt-in-your-mouth Scottish salmon and the sweetest Spanish mackerel and we’ve ever savored. To gild the lily, we tried the phenomenal spicy lobster and couldn’t pass up the piece de resistance: a broiled whole tuna collar served with pickles and spicy mayo for dipping. The enormous presentation was far too much for us to eat by ourselves, so we shared the luxurious bounty with the adorable couple next to us and the friendly and talented chef, Jimmy Lau, as well as our server and many of the kitchen staff, whose smiling faces were the icing on the cake for us. Don’t miss the “Szechuan Spiced Salmon with Bonito Flakes and Crispy Rice” and the “Duck & Foie Gras, Crispy Skin, Grilled Scallion Cucumber Cup.” Can’t wait to go back!