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Notes: Much hyped by word-of-mouth and further popularized by on-screen appearances including a feature on Sex and the City, these cupcakes seem like they can’t possibly live up to their legend. However, through a series of a sinfully delicious blind tastings, our family has deemed the yellow cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting the yummiest cupcake around. Some of the competitors included Butter Lane Cupcakes (frosted to order and #2 on our list), Buttercup Bake Shop (amazing red velvet cupcakes) and Crumbs (all-around BLECH!). Magnolia makes a moist cake, not too dense but not too light, with a sweet but not cloying buttery-vanilla flavor. The frosting has just the right texture (fluffy yet substantial) and tastes chocolate-y, not sugary. There’s exactly the proper proportion of frosting to cake, and with a cold glass of milk, these babies are heavenly. Oh, and if the cupcake is divine, a slice of their pistachio cake with pistachio meringue buttercream if they happen to have it (it’s not always available) is just plain ridiculous!