Today’s post was written by my mom, and presented to me exactly 20 years ago at a cookout to kick off our wedding weekend. She had a sweet tradition of writing goofy poems as toasts for special occasions, and I was thrilled to come across her handwritten treasure recently while rifling through some old files. I remember being so honored to be the recipient of one of her poetic creations, and I am so happy to have this loving blessing from her heart 20 years later. Thought it would be fun to share it in the spirit of celebration. Apologies for the regrettable formatting—sometimes WordPress ain’t easy…


Our little girl with dirty-blonde hair

And sparkling hazel eyes

Was born in May on a fine spring day

We could tell she was brilliant and wise!

At first she was an only child…

For nearly seventeen months

Til sister Meredith joined the team

Two babies to feed at once

She grew so tall with long straight legs

And personality loving

No one could imagine the morning I found her

Climbing into the oven!

She sledded and biked with her sister and friends

In the kiddie pool they would play

Occasionally she could get out of bounds—

“Get out of the bushes” we’d say

We had bowling parties at Garden City Lanes

Followed by burgers and franks

And parties at home in the basement or yard

Where the kids performed special pranks

“Pin the Tail on the Donkey” was fun

When Andrea played, she was hot!

She would pull up the blinders just enough

For her eyes to see the right spot!

Lauri and Steven were special friends

They lived just two houses away

They loved and fought and had good times

And are special friends to this day

When Michael was born, she was nearly five

And would help with her baby brother

She’d climb in his crib and change his diaper

Just like a little mother

She sucked her thumb as children do

Certainly nothing to hide

But we wondered if she would kick the habit

Before she became a bride!

A sense of humor and sense of direction

And plenty of common sense too

From Mrs. Tribelli in kindergarten

She graduated to BU

We all need a special peaceful place

When the going gets really tough

Andrea’s bedroom closet was hers

And she’d hide there among her stuff

She packed up her life’s belongings once

And was California bound

But we got her back before too long

She preferred the east, she found

She’s worked in PR with great success

Creativity and writing her forte

Press releases, newsletters and mentoring too

Filled the better part of her day

The guy on the phone was really neat

Though they hadn’t yet had a real date

But on February 12th they finally met

And her David was really first rate!

Just two days from now we’ll gather together

As Andrea becomes David’s wife

We wish them good health and love and joy

And a rich and fulfilling life!

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