I’m so thrilled that last week’s fabulous recipe, George’s Meat Sauce, had people swooning all over social media. Folks shared with me their cooking plans, questions and even photos of drool-worthy results. The consensus was unanimous: George’s Meat Sauce is a winner!

But I wondered what the actual all-time most popular recipe is on my site. Is it something healthy like the colorful Bagna Cauda Salad? A nostalgic crowd pleaser like Giada’s Stuffed Mushrooms? Something hearty and decadent like Truffled Filet of Beef Sandwiches? (“I’ll have a Bloody Mary, a steak sandwich…and a steak sandwich. On Mr. Underhill’s bill!”) Or is it the best chocolate cake ever?

Surprise, surprise! Hands-down, it ended up being this original recipe, a wonderfully-flavorful upgrade on a classic. In fact, when you google the “world’s best” version of this dish, there are about 93,000,000 results — and my recipe is #1!

So…whaddaya think it is? Take a guess in the comments below — and no fair cheating!


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