Our middle school handed out the coveted Bedford Awards today. The only awards given at the school all year, they are essentially recognition for good citizenship. There are 300 kids in each grade, and only about 30 kids per grade receive the award. Each grade’s teachers select students who:

  • are respectful to peers and others
  • show extra effort
  • are active participants in school-wide activities
  • are friendly
  • are responsible
  • help out without being asked
  • work above and beyond what is expected

I am proud to share that one of my boys received a Bedford Award this afternoon.


And so did his brother.


And so did HIS brother.


Yes indeed, it was a Reiser Brothers trifecta! I guess you could call it a sweep.


You may remember the story that when David and I were newlyweds, we lived next door to a lovely family with three young daughters (who are now all grown and two are married!). They were so remarkably sweet and kind and polite, and I vividly remember expressing to David that when we had kids, I didn’t care if they were rocket scientists—I just wished for them all to be as nice and respectful as the Ghio girls.


I think today this proud mama can gratefully say, “Mission accomplished!” (and “Hooray for blue blazers!”).

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