Oh, if only you could’ve smelled my kitchen while this was cooking…

I can’t believe I’ve had this original cookbook for so many years and have never made this chicken. It’s preposterously easy. All you need is chicken (duh!), honey, soy sauce, and loads of minced garlic and fresh ginger root. Instead of using quartered chickens, I used thighs and drumsticks, which are popular with this crowd. And because I’ve left my brain back in the Hamptons during my short week here in Westport (I’m desperately hoping to bring said cerebellum home with me on Labor Day), I didn’t read the whole recipe through to find out that it’s supposed to marinate overnight. Now there’s a lesson for my boys!

Helllllllo? Earth to Andrea?

So. Since my immediate choices for dinner were either cooking it unmarinated or leggo my Eggos, I had enough sense at least to go the poultry route. And ya know what? It was rockin! Really moist chicken. Really bold flavor from so few ingredients. Granted Dave hadn’t eaten much all day, but he literally wanted to drink the sauce!

Not only were the leftovers yummy today for lunch, but my house smelled amazing again when I reheated. Twice the deliciousness!

Book: Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Chefs: Andrea and Jake

Active time: 15 mins Inactive time: 1 hr Potchke factor: 1

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