Thanksgiving week.

Food shopping all done and a bountiful variety of ingredients crowd my fridge and pantry.

Cooking favorite holiday dishes while singing along to Steely Dan and the Eagles and the Bee Gees in my kitchen and a fire crackling in the fireplace.

The spicy-sweet aroma of cinnamon and cloves and pumpkin wafting throughout the house.

Sparkling sunshine and brisk temps outside the window (and even some pretty snowflakes over the weekend!).

Wonderful, loving memories of the fun and laughter my sister and I used to have preparing for the holiday with our amazing mom and grandmother.

Counting the minutes til I get a giant hug from my college boy at the train station on Wednesday afternoon.

Excitedly anticipating¬†having all my babies under the same roof for a few days and watching them sleep while they’re all cozily nestled in their warm beds.

Looking forward to spending Thursday and Friday in the place I grew up…with so many of the people I’ve known the longest and love the most in the whole world.

This is my favorite week.

My heart is full.

I am truly grateful. Truly blessed.

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