Ahhh…October. Pumpkins, mums, dramatic foliage and hopefully a very long and successful post-season for the Red Sox. But most importantly, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You all know my story by now. You know how deeply grateful I am for early detection and prevention. And so in this first October without my own breasts, I step up on my soapbox once again and urge all my incredible, adored girlfriends to make sure you do everything you can to monitor the health of your breasts. If you are due (or overdue) for a mammogram, please call today to schedule it. If you’ve never been before and are scared to go, or if you continually put off appointments because you dread them, know that if you live within driving distance I would be honored to go with you and hold your hand in the waiting room. If someone you know has a strong family history of breast cancer and suspects they may have a BRCA genetic mutation, urge them to get that gene test done. Or feel free to have them get in touch with me for encouragement and support to do it. Getting the results of the test is truly the scariest part of that whole journey. Knowledge is power in this case!

And if you’re lucky enough to have healthy breasts, help make a difference to those who are courageously battling for their lives. Make a donation to support the pursuit of a cure, whether it’s to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or Komen for the Cure or Dana-Farber or any other organization doing invaluable, life-changing work in this area. I just did – in memory of my beloved Mom, and in honor of you, my precious girlfriends.

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