Matthew and I got to dance on a Broadway stage yesterday! And today I am still on a Hair high—still euphoric from this amazing theatre experience.

My parents’ Hair album was the very first music I listened to as a child, and although I had not a clue about the lyrical part of things back then, even the tiniest nuances of the music have stayed in my heart all these years. Talk about setting myself up for crushing disappointment…

Instead, the show had me captivated from the very first note of Aquarius til the moment Matthew and I galloped triumphantly down the steps from the carpeted stage after joining the cast and others from the audience in a joyous singalong of Let the Sunshine In.

The direction, the artistic quality and the sound were flawless. The voices, the set, the lighting—transcendent. The audience interaction and the humor were inspired. And I left with a real daisy in my hair. It was all like a huge hug.

I can’t help but think that the moon was in the Seventh House and Jupiter was aligned with Mars, because despite the ominous forecast, it was barely flurrying when we left the theatre after the matinée. Although we had planned to dine in the city, we decided it was wiser to head home, and the six of us had a fabulous meal at our favorite place in Southport. And lo and behold, as we peeked out the door of the restaurant, our bellies warm and full, there at last was the beautiful fluffy snow falling from the night sky. Days like that don’t come ’round often…and I will savor the memory of every moment!

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