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I read tons of articles related to happiness each month, and I thought it would be helpful to select a few of the best to share with you. As you might imagine, gratitude was a recurring theme during November. But there were plenty more interesting and handy pieces as well:

BUSTLE.COM7 Daily Happiness Hacks to Improve Your Outlook

Yes, showing gratitude was one of the hacks in this upbeat Bustle piece on cultivating everyday happiness. But I especially loved #1: “Savor An Experience,” and #5: “Give Yourself Small Wins.” It’s so important to celebrate your small accomplishments while moving in a positive direction. Check out all seven happiness boosts and see what resonates with you.

NY TIMES: Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.

When I first came across this New York Times article by Arthur C. Brooks, I put it aside because it was too long and contained lots of research studies. But when I had some quiet time on Thanksgiving morning, I went back to read it through and I’m so glad I did. The piece acknowledges that many people are simply not wired to be positive and grateful most of the time, and not only details the benefits of practicing and expressing gratitude, but suggests some concrete strategies to adopt a grateful attitude all year long.

MASHABLE: How to Graciously Say No to Anyone

Raise your hand if you need help saying no to friends and colleagues who ask for the favor of your time or input on something! Valuing your time and taking control of your commitments is a key to being kind to yourself, which in turn increases personal happiness. Yes, it takes confidence, conviction and practice, but it’s a skill totally worth learning. This Mashable article has some super tips and a universal script for giving someone a firm but gracious “no.”

ENTREPRENEUR: 3 Strategies for Hacking Happiness

Looking for three quick strategies found to reliably improve happiness? Look no further than this Entrepreneur article which lays out studies by leading happiness researcher, Sonja Lyubomirsky, psychology professor at the University of California-Riverside.

US NEWS: Gratitude May Be Key to Wedded Bliss

In a twist of the usual pre-Thanksgiving gratitude article, this USNews piece cites a new study that finds the most important predictor of marriage quality was gratitude from a spouse. The University of Georgia researchers determined that simply remembering to say “thank you” to your spouse may be the secret to a happy marriage.

HUFFINGTON POST: 3 Easy Ways to Make Gratitude Last Past Thanksgiving

Last but not least, I figured I’d round out the list with a little toot of my own horn. In my latest Huffington Post piece, I share three fun ideas for keeping a grateful attitude well beyond the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday. And if you don’t naturally have an attitude of gratitude, no worries. Researchers have found that 40 percent of our gratitude is actually within our own control. So with a bit of effort, you can have that grateful feeling all year long.

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