HELP! I need someone to try this yummy shrimp dish with the coconut sauce that I chose to omit (during the first week of a diet) and tell me how it is, because I have to imagine it elevates the dish to something truly remarkable.

We got the grill into proper working order a few weeks ago—finally a real charcoal grill after all these years with gas—and have been on a grilling tear every since. Trying to lose a few (okay, 30) pounds, dinner choices have been limited to the de rigeur boneless chicken breasts, fish, and maybe some veal. But I was jonesing for something a little sweeter, plumper, juicier, more succulent a couple of weeks ago. I happened upon this recipe, packed with much more interesting flavors than your standard herbs and garlic, and even though I knew the sugar and coconut milk in the sauce were verboten, I decided to marinate and grill these puppies and eat 'em naked. (The shrimp were naked, kids—I had on jeans and a t-shirt! Whew!)

The shrimp were sweet, a little charred, and filled with deliciously complex flavor from the three Cs: cloves, coriander and curry. A little dry, yes, because I chose to forego the sauce, and that's what caused the star ratings to be a little lower, but I think it would be smashing with either the coconut sauce in the recipe or something like a mango-mint salsa.

Please let me know if you try it with the sauce, and if it's worth dietbusting! What are you putting on the grill these days?

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