Some weeks it’s harder than others to write a gratitude journal. I wasn’t feeling particularly chipper this past week, yet when I thought about gratitude this morning, I quickly came up with more things to be grateful for than I usually do. Sometimes you just have to stop for a few minutes and put things in perspective. And that, my friends, is the great benefit of a gratitude journal.

• What a breathtaking autumn afternoon spent in magnificent Central Park. The trees with changing leaves, the blue sky, the tops of the buildings, beautiful brides. Even though every minute wasn’t necessarily blissful (hello, Bethesda Fountain!), it was a day to remember with my entourage.

• So blessed to have friends who were very sweet to reach out to me this week when I was singin’ the blues. It’s nice to know that at least a few people care!

• Sometimes the stars align and we are part of the perfect Shabbat service. That’s exactly what happened this past week, and for many reasons it’s an experience that I’ll hold dear for a long time.

• I’m thankful for our wonderful cantors who are helping my baby prepare for his bar mitvah…and I’m so proud of him for his hard work.

• For me, writing is therapeutic, and I’m grateful to have that outlet. It’s invaluable for me to capture plaguing thoughts and be able to work out troubling issues. Most of the time, just getting it all out there is the solution.

• Mostly, I’m grateful for the warm hugs and cuddles I get every single day from my loving family. Always helps immeasurably.

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