I’m not even sure where to begin this week, with gratitude so bountiful it’s overflowing.

• Celebrating the bar mitzvah of our youngest son was an incredibly memorable milestone. This child was born with such profound hearing loss that we weren’t certain he’d ever speak English, let alone read Hebrew from the Torah. But he has shown all of us that our concerns were absurdly groundless, and he did a magnificent job in both conducting the service and delivering a remarkably moving d’var torah. I have infinite heartfelt thanks to the various professionals who have played important roles in getting Matt to where he is today.

• It was an awesome feeling to be surrounded by our dearest family and friends all weekend at our bar mitzvah celebration, from the dinner the night before to the debrief til 3 a.m. with my hilarious siblings. I feel so blessed to be able to share joyous occasions with such loving (and funny) people, and honored that they would come from near and far to be with our family!

• We are so grateful to our wonderful rabbi, our two fantastic cantors, and one very special teacher for helping prepare Matt for his big day. Their dedication and encouragement provided an experience and journey he’ll never forget.

• So fortunate to be able to send our kids to a Jewish camp where they’ve made so many wonderful, caring friends. The 20+ Eisner kids who came from all over the northeast last weekend are a terrific bunch. The friendships these kids have forged are the kinds that last a lifetime, and after having most of them sleep over (but never actually sleep!) I have newfound respect for camp counselors.

• I can’t express enough thanks to the talented teams who made our event so dazzling. The dècor designers, the caterers, the DJ and his peeps are the ones who know how to rock a party, and I’m grateful that they make me look so good in the process! They are each masters at what they do, and I am thankful to call all of them friends.

• And finally, to spend Thanksgiving with my dad and stepmom – and every single one of their children and grandchildren – made for an especially meaningful holiday. It was the first time we have all been able to be together, and to spend the evening with 25 happy, loving people was a real treat. It’s rare for one family to get along so swimmingly, let alone two families that have come together through marriage who genuinely enjoy each others’ company.

Here’s to carrying the gratitude of Thanksgiving throughout the year.

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