I’m a huge believer in having an attitude of gratitude. Life’s a journey, and having an attitude of gratitude helps keep things in perspective and focus on the positive stuff, both big and small. Writing a gratitude journal is a wonderful way to record and reflect upon the kindnesses, delights and blessings that have come your way. Here’s my gratitude journal for this week:

Warmth! I’m so grateful to have a warm coat and a heated house now that the weather has turned colder, and I look forward to going through the closet this weekend to donate jackets and coats to the many in need this winter.

• What a treat to connect with a very sweet and special lady who gave the very anxious Ben tremendous reassurance and expert professional advice about the college search/application process. Her guidance and calm nature is invaluable.

• I know I’m here by design and not coincidence, but I am continually grateful to live so close to NYC. This week alone, I was able to hop in three times for fun and uniquely New York experiences. (Uniiiiique Newww Yawwwk!)

• The week just would not be complete without a shoutout to my Facebook friends who are as obsessed with Brady Bunch trivia as I am!

• Big ups to my optometrist for having the patience and persistence to work with me to find a replacement for the contact lenses I’ve been used to wearing for 20+ years and have recently been discontinued. It was not an easy task, but I am thankful to him for finding a comfortable alternative, and I’m most grateful to be able to have vision correction because I am blind! Like Coke-bottle-bottom-glasses-blind!

In this season of giving and sharing, won’t you share something you’re grateful for during the past week?

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