Not my most joyful week of the year, mostly due to the Grinchy, bah-humbuggery of some of the others who share my house. But reflecting on gratitude is even more important during weeks like this; it makes you pause, take a deep breath and realize just how much you have to be grateful for. For me, it’s like hitting a reset button. And so here’s my gratitude journal for the week:

• Tis the season: it’s always festive to kindle the Hanukkah lights with my boys and eat yummy homemade latkes. I especially love the first night, when we sing the “Shehecheyanu” prayer, giving thanks for enabling us to reach this special day.

• A favorite highlight of the week was getting to spend time with one of the most grateful kids I know. Taking Zack out for a special “only child night” to a nice dinner and a performance of The Messiah at Lincoln Center was such a treat. His easygoing, appreciative nature and fondness of classical music made for a wonderfully fun and relaxing evening.

• I was dazzled by the outpouring of love and sweet memories from Facebook friends in honor of what would’ve been my mom’s birthday. It was overwhelming to read such beautiful thoughts and comments about a lady who was so special to so many of us, and I am very grateful to the many friends who took the time to share a a thumbs-up and a few kind words. You all made me smile!

Warmest wishes to all for a wonderful holiday weekend!

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