Love livin’ life with an attitude of gratitude. It’s easy to get bogged down with silly day-to-day minutiae, and having an attitude of gratitude helps keep things in perspective and focus on the positive stuff. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to record and reflect upon the kindnesses, delights and blessings that have come your way. Here’s my gratitude journal for this week:

• Laughter is something I’m grateful for every day, and to share the uncontrollable, contagious kind with my favorite peeps last weekend is one of life’s best gifts. Here’s to laughing together for 40+ years in some cases…and to at least that many more in good health!

• After a couple of nights at my dad’s beach house, I was so thankful to lie down my weary body in my own delicious bed. And then being sick most of the week, I have so appreciated falling into soft cuddliness every night. Nothing like my own pillow.

• Very thankful to be feeling a little better, after being knocked out by a particularly bad cold. While it wasn’t too fun, I’m always cognizant that it’s so minor in the grand scheme of things, and that I’m very lucky if that’s my biggest complaint.

• No better medicine than lying on the couch with homemade chicken soup, Kleenex, Advil and Bewitched with old Darrin. So nostalgic, and it brought me back to my childhood for a few hours.

• I am especially grateful for the kindness of one of my uncles, who made an extremely generous and thoughtful gesture to his nieces and nephew this week. So unexpected, and so appreciated.

What about you? Is there something you’re grateful for this week that you’re willing to share?

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