What an amazing week! I have so much to be grateful for:

• beautiful days with family and friends on Narragansett Beach, where my two of my great-grandparents, all four grandparents, my parents, me and my kids have enjoyed the sun, sand and surf

• our family beach house in Narragansett that my dad so generously lets all of us use

• cocktails at the Coast Guard House with 25 friends I’ve been blessed to collect over a lifetime

• a special day with my adorable nieces, nephews and siblings

• countless belly laughs, especially at our Saturday night barbecue

• walks to the Narrows and the Wall for the 46th summer in a row

• a clean bill of health and proof that my summer-long diet has worked!

• safe traveling with my 16-year-old chauffeur

• RI treats: Del’s, snail salad, clamcakes and a bowl of Rhode Island at Aunt Carrie’s, a trip to Benny’s, Frank Coletta’s news breaks

• running into a long-lost friend and her family out of the blue in Montauk

• no injuries or damage from the earthquake

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