This week I'm incredibly thankful:

• that my friend underwent successful open heart surgery and is recuperating very well…resilience!

• that 18 years ago today, David popped the question

• for an awesome family weekend

• to my girls for their expert train training

• that some very sweet long-lost childhood acquaintances reached out to reconnect this week

• to my kids for their construction help and technical expertise

• for an adorable phone conversation with my nephew Sam about baseball

• to my web team for their great work so I could finally move into the new website

• to go to a dental practice that I adore (and for teeth cleaning which I also love!)

• that not everyone feels the need to mock Gratitude Friday

• for Opening Day 2011! GO SOX!

How bout you? Was it a good week?

One Response to “Gratitude Friday: April 1, 2011”

  1. Susan Clegg says:

    I am thankful for my parents who gave me good values and made me work for everything I got.
    I am thankful for Kindergarten teachers who deal with bullying right away when I bring it to their attention.
    I am thankful to my Physical Therapists who have been working hard to getting me back up to par.
    I am thankful for (most of) the people who I am surrounded by at work. They make me laugh out loud daily.
    I am thankful for my 85 pound lab who greets me with kisses everytime I walk through the door- and I do mean EVERYTIME…..
    I am thankful that basketball and football are behind us and the Red Sox have started!! Woo Hoo!!

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