This week I am particularly grateful to have had some time off from the hustle and bustle of daily life— a few days away with my family and then an unplanned day of pampering by myself. It’s amazing how a change of scenery and some time away from things can inspire creativity and foster a refreshing perspective. It’s the first time in forever that I didn’t have something that needed to get done over vacation or on my day off, and that felt great.

I am thankful for the beautiful fresh food we were able to cook and savor during our time away, and for the glorious treat of seeingspring bloomsbeginning to blossom on our trees and shrubs.Each April I am happily reminded of the Crayola color, "Spring Green," and its sweet and tender hopefulness.

I’m also extremely grateful to have the opportunity to meet and learn from professional peers through the American Society of Journalists and Authors. It’s been about 20 years since I was part of a professional community, and I’m humbled that my work over the past few years has qualified me to connect with a group of supremely talented and knowledgeable writers. It’s so energizing to hear new insights and meet new people.

I am grateful to our dear pediatrician for his caring attentiveness when one of our guys is sick, and equally grateful that the diagnosis this week was nothing more serious than seasonal allergies.

Finally, I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back to community with the parenting workshop I did this week. I was thrilled to speak with such an enthusiastic and appreciative bunch of parents. To be perfectly candid, I am continually awed that people care what I have to say and ask for my advice on very personal family and parenting issues. It’s truly an honor and an extremely rewarding experience for me.

Hope you had many moments that made you smile this week…feel free to share something in the comments below. Wishing everyone a fun weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. Susan Clegg says:

    So, I am grateful for teachers who really believe in what they are doing and will go out of their way to help a colleague.
    I am grateful for teachers who really know what being “team players” is all about.
    I am grateful for teenagers who will give of their time for nothing in return.
    I am grateful for good weather!

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