Gratitude FridayLife is much more joyful when you look at it through grateful eyes. “Joy and gratitude go hand in hand,” writes author and life coach Betty Mahalik. “We are not grateful because we’re happy, rather we’re happy because we’re grateful.”

On this Gratitude Friday, why not reach out to someone you’re grateful for today and let them know how they touch your life? Here’s what I’m particularly grateful for this week:

>> Our safe return from vacation —and especially being home sweet home. Nothing makes you appreciate your own creature comforts more than spending time away from them for a while.

>> The enchanting memory of driving into Washington, DC at night, with our whole family awed once again by the majesty of our nation’s capital. A definite highlight of our roadtrip.

>> So relieved and thankful to receive normal lab results and start getting my groove back. At long last.

>> Sincere shoutout to my Facebook friends for amusing me on our roadtrip! And God bless smart phones.

>> A friend who told me that what I do isn’t trivial, and I shouldn’t feel that it is. That meant so much to me.

>> Silly as it sounds, I’m grateful for my schmancy new toothbrush. Wow, has toothbrush technology come a long way in the last decade…my teeth are gleaming white and feel so clean! A very appreciated upgrade for a clean-teeth freak like me.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?


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