Gratitude FridayCame across a charming quote by Proust this week: “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

What a beautiful sentiment to celebrate on Gratitude Friday, when we reflect on the joys and blessings we’re thankful for during the previous week. Here’s what’s on my gratitude list this week:

>> So thankful to have a safe roadtrip to Florida to escape the cold and snow for a bit. As usual, David was an outstanding driver (refuses to be a passenger!), and there’s something delicious about having my boys captive, relaxed and happy for hours at a time. We’ve really made roadtripping something to look forward to, and have it down to a science.

>> My dad and stepmom could not be more gracious hosts, first to our boys who stayed with them for the first couple of days, and then to all of us as we moved from our hotel early in the week. They have a lovely home in a stunning golf community, and we are grateful to be spending time visiting with them and enjoying their hospitality.

>> Much love to a very special family friend, the kindest doctor and just an all-around awesome guy for helping us out twice this week with medical situations. Can’t begin to express my appreciation for going far beyond “above and beyond.”

>> A hearty shout-out to incredibly talented Chef Matthew McGhee and the fabulous staff at Angle in South Palm Beach for an outstanding dinner. The scrumptious treats and super-generous surprises paired with the warm, friendly service was a highlight of our trip, and catching up with Chef was fun and fascinating. He’s definitely someone to watch—with his creativity and precision, big things are most certainly in his future!

>> We couldn’t have left our sweet doggies with such peace of mind if it weren’t for our favorite dogsitter. The girls adore her, and we know how caring and wonderful she is with them. We are all grateful to her, knowing our babies are in such good hands.

How was your week? What’s something big or small you’re grateful for?


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