Grat Friday - Celebrating the SeasonThe year is winding down and it’s a wonderful time to stop and appreciate the specialness of December and the holiday season. That’s what this week’s gratitude list is all about:

 We’ve enjoyed cozy fires in our family room fireplace. It’s so much fun to curl up on our big L-shaped couch with a blanket and a few other members of the family and watch a movie by the fire. Last weekend we saw The History of the Eagles which was fascinating and entertaining, as well as The Heat. Melissa McCarthy is laugh-out-loud funny in it!

 Unlike the rest of the year, there are hand-addressed cards in the mail every day instead of just bills, catalogs and junk. We adore receiving personal notes and beautiful photo cards from friends and family, and we hang everything on a board in our kitchen so we can see so many smiling faces all month long. It’s always nice to be remembered and thought of, as well as to hear what’s happening in the lives of so many people we love.

 While I’m talking about cards, I love putting together and sending out our own annual holiday cards. I get to think about how I know people as I address their card and remember how dear they are to us.

 Snow! I am a December-snow person. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow in December—it’s so festive and pretty! We had just a little bit this week, but because it’s been so cold here in Connecticut, it has stuck around. And we’re expecting more this weekend. That said, come January I’m all done with the white stuff!

 Holiday spirit. There’s a palpable sense of kindness and generosity in December that just doesn’t exist the rest of the year. People are generally more patient, in better moods, nicer and more caring. You see heartwarming stories like the WestJet Christmas Miracle and Peter Shankman’s gift of airline miles to 25 people who couldn’t afford to fly home for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be a better world if these kinds of stories were prevalent 12 months a year?

Wishing you a festive and jolly holiday season!


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