Ducklings“Joy and gratitude go hand in hand,” writes author and life coach Betty Mahalik. “We are not grateful because we’re happy, rather we’re happy because we’re grateful.” Living with gratitude isn’t terribly hard to do consistently if you take a few minutes each day or week to look around and remember how much you have in your life to be thankful for.

With that in mind, I reflect every Friday on the joys and blessings I’m thankful for during the previous week, and I invite you to do the same, either here or on your own. It feels great, makes you smile and as you build up weeks and months, it’s fun and fulfilling to look back at your grateful life. Here’s what’s on my gratitude list this week:

>> Beyond thankful that David’s cousin’s brain tumor was found not to be malignant! Incredibly thrilling news, and even though he’s got a long road ahead with diagnosis and treatment, the most dreadful possibility has been ruled out.

>> Only-child nights with two of my boys last Friday and Saturday. What a delight to spend time with each guy, laughing, chatting, eating.

>> The gift I got 18 years ago today that has bestowed countless blessings ever since: my first baby!

>> Antibiotics. So grateful to be feeling more like myself.

>> Ladies lunch with one of my favorite girlfriends.

>> Getting to see Barry Manilow live…again. The silly joy never ceases!

>> An extremely rare afternoon when all my boys came right home after school, and I got to take them out for a snack…just the mama duck and her four ducklings. Precious time.

How bout you? What’s something you’re grateful for this week?

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