Grat Friday - Beach editionMy gratitude list is short and sweet this week:

>> At long last, I made it to the beach—my happy place! Between the 100-degree days and our travel schedule, the beach was not in the cards for us until this week. And it was worth the wait to have two perfect-10 afternoons. There’s nothing like getting your feet in the soft, warm sand; listening to the gentle waves break; smelling the salty sea air; sitting under a clear-blue sky with the sun smiling on your shoulders; and looking out at a beautiful, almost-empty stretch of shoreline that seems to go on forever. I love that my hulking teenage guys still dig to China, build sand bodies for each other and bring cool shells to their mama. The beach just brings everyone back to their best kid selves. Therapeutic both mentally and physically.

>> By the time I go to bed tonight, I will have my whole family back together for the first time since late June! I am so grateful for the experiences my boys have been able to pursue this summer, but the biggest treat is to have everyone home together for a few weeks at the beach. Looking forward to it!

Wishing you a terrific weekend!

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