Grat Friday - 4th of JulyRead a great quote by Michael J. Fox this week: “So much to savor, so much to be grateful for. And since I’m not sure of the address to which to send my gratitude, I put it out here in everything I do.”

Here’s what I’m grateful for this week:

>> Freedom. I’m proud to be patriotic and grateful for freedom every day, but it’s extra meaningful to pause with gratitude to commemorate the birth of America. Every Fourth we read from the Declaration of Independence, and we have two copies permanently hanging in our kitchen as published in the New York Times.

>> Finally being able to be unprogrammed and unscheduled. It’s healing and restorative to both the body and mind to take a break from the usual grind and just unwind. Time to read, think, plan, dream, and just do nothing. It also helps to spark creativity.

>> My family for being helpful in getting our house organized and moving furniture around at my request. It was amazing to see the house transformed right before our eyes, and I appreciate everyone’s willingness to pitch in, schlep and re-schlep in order to make our pretty nest even more comfortable.

>> Waking up this morning feeling much better. Been feeling “out of it” all week, and I am so grateful to have opened my eyes feeling more like my happy, energetic self. Hoping it continues.

>> Seeing photos of my youngest guy at camp. He looks so happy, as usual, with his posse, and I smile when I see his giant grin and know he’s having a blast. Miss him so much—his energy brings liveliness and playfulness to our home—but I know he’s sharing that special gift with his buddies, who appreciate it almost as much as his family does!

>> My doggies. Those sweet, soft little girls have an innate sense about when someone isn’t feeling well, and they go out of their way to share love, comfort and snuggles. They are such a part of our family, and we all wish they could talk because they’d be so adorable and interesting!

>> It’s a silly one, but fresh sheets. Sure, I change them once or twice a week, but when I climb in after they’ve been washed and ironed (yes, I’m a lunatic), it’s a moment of sheer luxury and I always let out a grateful sigh.

What are you grateful for this week?


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