Grat Friday - GraduationThis week is particularly bittersweet, filled with poignant goodbyes, beautiful memories and great hopes for the future:

>> I am so grateful to be able to witness my boys growing up and moving on to the next stages of their lives. One graduates from high school today and is going off to college, two are high school seniors who will begin to plan their college journeys, and the youngest is transitioning to high school. When they were energetic toddlers, I never believed those wise older moms who told me that it goes by in the blink of an eye. But they were right. And I’m glad to have savored so much along the way.

>> The best moment of my week was picking up the ringing house phone on a whim (who from Washington, DC calls your home phone anymore besides telemarketers and fundraisers?) to find it was an admissions rep from Georgetown University looking for my son, who had been hanging in limbo on the extended wait list. I brought him the phone and then got to see his jubilant face as the woman delivered the news that the admissions committee would be accepting him to the Class of 2017. I can’t believe he and I both happened to be home when the call came in, and that I bothered to answer the phone in the first place. It is a moment of joy and triumph I will never forget.

>> I am grateful to have spent Fathers Day with family and close friends at our happy place, doing things we love to do.

>> With two sons who are hearing impaired, we have been dealing with hearing professionals for over 18 years now. There isn’t a kinder, more caring group of people than pediatric hearing professionals, and we were introduced this week to yet another team of compassionate folks who went out of their way to share really helpful information with us.

>> We have been blessed for the past three years with a support professional at the middle school who has been instrumental in our youngest son’s education. Her warmth, her nurturing nature and her patience have made her a treasure to our son during his middle school years. We wish she could move along to high school with him, but we leave her behind with tremendous gratitude for all she has done for him and our family.

How was your week? Are you feeling grateful?

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