Gratitude FridaySometimes gratitude is a bit below the surface, and needs a little coaxing to bloom. But it’s well worth the effort.

Just like some days are harder than others, some weeks it takes more time and thought to identify things that I’m grateful for on Gratitude Friday. Those weeks, when there are no glaringly obvious gratitude items and I have to dig deeper to unearth my little list, wind up being some of my favorites. This is one of those weeks.

>> I am so grateful to be able to write as a way to work out issues and release some stress. Writing has always been a cathartic outlet for me, and my post earlier this week about the downside to gratitude really helped break through some mental tension and anxiety, and gave me a lot of perspective, comfort and relief. I’ve been writing my whole life—I remember my first little diary when I was probably seven or eight—and while I don’t journal regularly at all, I have managed to capture written memories of so many good and bad times throughout my life. (I also have a bunch of unmailed letters I wrote to lots of different people about lots of different things, and it’s both enlightening and embarrassing to read through them periodically!) I’m so thankful to have writing as a stress reliever, and especially for those teachers along the way who fostered me and helped me become a stronger, more expressive writer and editor.

>> Can’t describe how grateful I am to my amazing readers. It’s humbling to me that anyone would actually take the time to read my words, let alone reach out with caring kindness to lend support and encouragement. I often think the stuff I write doesn’t matter, but then I’ll hear from a reader who was touched by a piece I’ve written or who could totally relate and shares some inspiring advice or who makes me laugh with a funny comment, and I feel so grateful for the interaction.

>> As always, I’m so grateful to have my awesome friends and to be able to be a good friend. Love. My. Peeps. Fiercely!

>> Tonight we will go to a farewell event to celebrate a very special person who has had a lasting impact on our family’s life—as a teacher, a spiritual leader and a friend. We are so grateful to her for inspiring us in learning and worship, and we’ll always carry with us her love and the gifts of Judaism, spirituality and humanity she so generously bestowed upon us. With her wisdom, warmth, compassion and humor, we know she’ll have so many new fulfilling experiences on her journey, and we’re happy that she’ll continue to be in our lives so we can watch her star rise so much higher. I am so proud of her!

I’d love to hear about something you’re feeling grateful for this week…won’t you share something in the comments below?


3 Responses to “Gratitude Friday 2013: Week 24”

  1. Richard Reiser says:

    My oncologist has informed me that my Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer) is dead. My final chemo treatment on Tuesday.!

    • Andrea says:

      Well that is the best gratitude comment ever! Thank you so much for sharing…and please know that I send prayers and good wishes for your continued good health!

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