Gratitude FridayRead an interesting business blog recently about how to give a meaningful thank you. While it was specifically about showing gratitude and appreciation toward employees, the concept is  universal: the people who help you and your family in your daily lives—the cashier at Stop & Shop, the plumber, your kid’s piano teacher—don’t hear “thank you” nearly often enough. While you might be thinking that paying the person is thanks enough, no one is immune from the motivating effects of a genuine “thank you.” So think about spreading the happiness with a heartfelt thank you to someone who has gone above and beyond for you.

So who and what am I grateful for this week? Here it is:

>> One of the best weekends ever! Productive, sunny, fun and happy…with the bonus of an evening filled with an abundance of laughter and St. Germain cocktails with some of our very best friends.

>> One of my sons and his wonderful friends who were willing to share some personal thoughts with me on gratitude for an upcoming blog post. What an awesome bunch of seniors! Most gracious thanks to all of you for helping me out.

>> Very thankful to two new friends and amazing bloggers who were generous enough to share their advice and experiences over a lovely lunch. I so appreciate learning from such kind and talented people!

>> Take-out!

>> Most grateful for having opportunities and possibilities…and for having the flexibility to be able to jump on the most important and meaningful ones. Fingers and toes crossed!

What are you feeling grateful for this week?

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