Gratitude FridayFilled with gratitude for so much this glorious spring week:

>> What a joy to celebrate the bar mitzvah of a charming young guy last weekend! It was a warm and festive evening hosted by Amy and Steven, our amazing cousin-friends, and we got to catch up in person and get hugs from some of our favorite people in the world. I know Amy’s and my grandmothers (who were first cousins) would be thrilled and tickled to know what a wonderful, lasting friendship we share!

>> We had the pleasure of celebrating the 80th birthday of a very special man whom we’ve been blessed to adopt as a beloved “uncle.” Our foursome had quite a memorable bacchanalian dinner in New York City, and we’re so happy to have been able to spend some two-on-two time commemorating such a lovely occasion.

>> Heartfelt gratitude to my friend St. Patrick. Thank you for doing what you did…and now we’ll wait and see what happens!

>> As awesome as my week was, the best part was the two evenings when I got to spend rare and treasured time with just two of my boys at a time. While we love our family dinners for six every night, it’s usually a pretty chaotic and raucous scene. Being able to hang out more quietly and calmly was so relaxing and enjoyable. Love my boys!

>> Laughing. Anytime. Anywhere. It’s not a good week if you haven’t had a few really good laughs, and there’s nothing better than bursting out laughing so hard you spit your drink all over your best friend’s shoes. What else are lifelong best friends for?

How was your week?


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