Gratitude FridayI noticed a little upswing in gratitude all around this week, and I’m fairly sure it’s a confluence of shared relief after the horrific events in Boston last week and the spectacular emergence of spring. If you were one of those inspired to express gratitude recently, don’t lose the momentum! Continue to reap the happiness benefits of having an attitude of gratitude, and either share something you’re grateful for (here in the comments or on social media) or reach out and actually tell someone that you’re grateful that they’re part of your life.

Here’s what’s on my gratitude list this week:

>> I am blessed to have in my life a special couple who technically aren’t blood relatives, but whom our whole family genuinely considers to be family. They are loving, caring and always there in good times and bad, and my kids honestly think of them as surrogate grandparents. As “Papa Jay” turns 80 — which is not even believable if you know Papa Jay — I am so thankful that we have such a close relationship with them, and I send the happiest birthday wishes for many more years filled with good health and lots of joy!

>> So grateful that my parents and grandparents took and saved hundreds of wonderful photos over the years. I am the very fortunate recipient of many boxes of those photos, and it gives me endless thrills to open a random box and discover visual treasures from the past. This week I found an album from my grandparents’ 40th anniversary celebration in 1981, childhood pictures of my mom and shots from my very first trip to the beach when I was a month old. So sweet and heartwarming!

>> The truly glorious spring weather. Seems we usually go from downright frosty straight to sweltering, so this is a treat. The breathtaking blooms become more vibrant each day, and combined with the clear blue skies and sunshine, it’s been an uplifting, renewing week.

>> Such a rare pleasure to have a week without anything terribly pressing, which gave me the opportunity to relax a bit and get things organized in my office and around the house. I haven’t had a clean desk in months; it was so refreshing to go through piles and tasks and make significant headway.

What makes you feel grateful?

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