Gratitude FridayHow would you like to have a more positive and optimistic attitude toward your life? Experience fewer physical symptoms like headaches, muscle stiffness, stomach issues? Maybe even have a desire to exercise more?  Research by Professors Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough showed that people who keep a weekly gratitude journal are more likely to get these benefits, feel more satisfaction about their lives and be more optimistic about the upcoming week.

I’ve been keeping weekly a gratitude journal for a while now, and while I’ll admit it hasn’t inspired me to be an exercise devotee — yet — I do find it helps me look at most things in life with a silver lining. In addition, for some reason I find that I am absolutely more committed to eating sensibly when I am keeping a gratitude journal. Why not give it a try for a few weeks and see what benefits you experience?

Here’s my gratitude journal for this week:

>> So thankful to have some “bro time” that was filled with music, food, laughter and doggies. My brother rocks.

>> I’m glad to have found the inspiration and strength to organize and reimagine my work space. For me, a disorganized space = a cluttered mind, and I’m looking forward to moving ahead with clarity and creativity.

>> Very grateful to see my kids’ pride in their accomplishments, and that they are learning the important lesson of resilience. That lesson was clearly in action this week, and we took every opportunity to celebrate the ups, which truly diminishes the downs.

>> I am the luckiest lady indeed to have a sweet husband who adores me even when I’m a bristly, un-fun brat. While I’m always grateful for his unconditional love, this week I wanted to tell him so.

>> Yay! I saw tiny glimpses of spring this week, including pretty lavender crocus buds in a little meadow. Ever hopeful for that beautiful spring green color to grace the landscape.

Is there someone or something you’re grateful for this week? Leave a comment here, or better yet, reach out and tell them.


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