3 Things I'm Grateful For - 10-3-14

It’s Gratitude Friday, and I just want to offer a gentle reminder to take a few minutes today and think of something…or three things…or ten things…you’re grateful for this week. Share them here, post them on your Facebook, write them on a sticky note or in a beautiful journal, whatever feels right to you. But definitely take the time to do it—the gratitude habit makes a huge difference in your pursuit of lasting happiness.

Here’s my list this week:

1. A huge burst of productivity and creativity. I feel like I’m finally on a roll, and I’m so grateful to have found that spark.

2. My friends! I’ve got the best ones out there and they make me feel so special and loved.

3. A brand-new learning opportunity to develop and enhance coaching and mentoring skills that I’m really excited about.

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