3 Things I'm Grateful For - 10-17-14

At heart, I’m a big “thanker” and I love this Harvard Business Review piece about how to give a meaningful thank you. While it’s specifically about showing gratitude and appreciation toward employees, the concept is universal: the folks who help you and your family on a daily basis don’t hear “thank you” often enough. That means people like the cashier at the supermarket, the washing machine repair guy, your son’s karate instructor. While you might be thinking that paying the person is thanks enough, everyone appreciates the motivating effects of a genuine “thank you.” So think about spreading the happiness with a heartfelt thank you to someone who has gone above and beyond for you this week.

Who and what am I grateful for this week? Here are my three things:

1. Having all four of my boys home last weekend. What a wonderful time we spent together, eating, drinking, relaxing and being merry!

2. Celebrating my dad’s 75th birthday with him and my stepmom in NYC. We enjoyed a laughter-filled afternoon seeing “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder” on Broadway, followed by a delicious dinner and fabulous conversation. Love being with my family!

3. The opportunity to learn. I’m taking an excellent course on coaching/mentoring and it’s exhilirating to become educated about these new skills. It was terrifying — but very rewarding — to roleplay in front of the class this week and practice a bit of what I’ve learned.

Thank you for reading! What’s something you’re thankful for this week? Who will you thank?

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