In honor of Veterans Day, today’s tip is: Remember—and remind others—why you’re off work or school. You can’t flip too far through the calendar without hitting a national holiday. Next time Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, etc. roll around, brush up on that holiday’s history and meaning. Then share what you’ve learned with your kids and co-workers. Better yet, get involved in planning a local celebration or join with community for a parade or commemoration.

Remember, Federal holidays have all been designated as such for a reason. They honor specific individuals, groups, ideas and events that have been crucial in America’s development and history. Staying home from school or attending celebrations and special events is nice, but keep in mind that those things aren’t the main point.

We try to read up on the history of each holiday, learning about when and why the commemoration was established. One of our favorite traditions on the Fourth of July is finding and reading the annual full-page facsimile of the Declaration of Independence as printed in the New York Times. It’s an even more vivid reminder of the birth of the country than the festive barbecues and fireworks that always complete the special holiday.


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