Every Monday, I share a family happiness tip—something that works for our family, that you may want to try with your own.

This week’s tip is: don’t just count your blessings—name them. Practicing gratitude underscores that the opportunities, privileges and material possessions most kids enjoy don’t just pop out of thin air. Try having a minute of thanks in the morning where you and your kids each name a few things you’re thankful for. Whether the list includes a favorite toy, a good friend, or a recovering from a sore throat, this tradition will start the day off in a positive frame of mind.

If mornings are too hectic, try a minute of thanks at dinner. It makes for pleasant mealtime conversation. And if you have older kids, encourage them to keep a gratitude journal and write down a few things they were thankful for each day before going to sleep. It can really help change perspective.

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