Every Monday is Family Happiness Tip Day, where I share something that’s worked for us, and you’re welcome to try it with your family as well.

Today’s tip is: recognize the value of the public library, and make sure your kids are comfortable there. From getting lost in fantastical worlds to exploring intriguing topics in-depth, libraries are invaluable resources for kids and adults alike. By providing affordable access to a managed collection of resources and archives, libraries democratize knowledge—and they’re staffed with eager, knowledgeable professionals whose guidance can turbocharge a quest for facts or understanding.

A trip to the library was always a treat for my kids when they were young, browsing around and feeling empowered to make their own choices. I remember an Arthur episode about the library, and can still sing along: “Having fun isn’t hard…when you’ve got a library card!” The boys treasured their library cards, and have the most special memories of going to different local libraries—particularly the Nantucket Atheneum—with my late mom, their beloved “Mimi.” Nowadays they drive themselves to the library to study or to research, and I know it’s all because of the happy roots they feel there.


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