Every Monday, I share a family happiness tip — something that works for our family, that you might wish to try with your own.

This week’s tip is: become an on-time (or early!) family. How often are you and your kids scrambling around, frantically trying to get to school or work or soccer on time? Make a pledge to try to make the answer “almost never.” Building a few extra minutes into your schedule isn’t hard — but it has immense value. Timeliness reflects well on your character and contributes greatly to peace of mind. Get behind a slow car? Little guy spill juice in the car? No worries! These erstwhile annoyances won’t set you off because you’ve got a few extra minutes to spare.

Knowing that you’re running late is a terrible feeling, plus it tends to blow other snags and minor incidents out of proportion. Growing up, our family was always jokingly known to be on “Cohen time” — 10 minutes early. It’s a habit that has stuck with me. My husband, on the other hand, is perpetually late. In the end, we usually cancel each other out and arrive right on time. 🙂

What are some of your time-saving tips?

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