The moment David laid his eyes on this recipe in the new issue of Food & Wine, he became a ticking time bomb, set to detonate if he did not make these tacos within 24 hours. And so, the following night, these babies were indeed on the dinner table.

Our awesome butcher, Anthony, upgraded Dave to a prime flat-iron steak, which he marinated diligently in a scrumptiously fragrant concoction. Zack mixed up the fresh pico de gallo and blended up the avocado salsa, a velvety-smooth, though fairly bland sauce. I sliced up over 3-1/2 pounds of the expertly grilled steak ““ very thinly ““ and let everyone have at it, assembling their own tacos in the warm, soft corn tortillas. When I went back for my second round, there were about four little slices of meat left. The ravenous Reiser muchachos had struck again!

As light and delicious as these were, I prefer a chunkier, saltier, cilantro-ier guacamole to the watered-down avocado sauce in these. I think it would be a stronger flavor counterpoint to the smokiness of the steak. I’d also shred the cabbage a little thinner next time. But I’m picking nits, which isn’t nice, especially since I didn’t have to cook dinner! With a couple of these tacos and a frosty bottle of cerveza, I was one happy mamacita!

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