Say what you will, but I have a fairly firm policy of not approaching celebs I run into in public. I figure they’re enjoying their personal life—whether it’s eating dinner, seeing a show or walking down the street—and they don’t need me to interrupt them to say something unoriginal, unarticulate and unwitty. (Although I see Alec Baldwin in Amagansett all the time, and he’s actually pretty friendly to say “hi” to if you don’t stalk him!). Plus I’m always afraid to inadvertently piss off someone I admire and permanently destroy my image of them.

But the other night at Barbuto in the West Village, I got about as “squee” as I can possibly get when actors Victor Garber and Matthew Broderick sat at the 4-top next to us. They chose to face into the restaurant-looking right at us—instead of facing the window, which I took as a sign that they were amenable to being approached. And I got to see that they love a good martini with olives.

At the end of our meal, David, the kids and I were literally right at their table gathering up our coats, and they looked at us and smiled, inviting a greeting. David dorkily introduced Matthew to “Ferris Bueller,” who was polite and shook hands with a couple of my boys. Exhibit #1 for why I don’t talk to celebs. Every time my husband talks to someone famous, I want to crawl under a table.

I decided, however, that despite my policy, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say something nice to the very handsome Victor Garber. But before I could, David turned to him and blurted out, “My wife adores you.” I thought I’d die! But handsome Victor looked at me, beamed, and said, “Well at least someone here adores ME!” With a charming smile, he extended his hand and shook mine enthusiastically while I babbled something fawning and incoherent I’m sure. He thanked me for coming over to meet him and told me I have quite a beautiful family, looking at each kid and marveling at the lineup of strapping teenage dudes.

I was enchanted to have the opportunity to meet such a gracious, talented—and extraordinarily handsome!—actor. I left with a huuuuge grin, adoring him even more than I had before. Wait, did I happen to mention how handsome he is?

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